What is Bonder?
Bonder is the service of creating and sharing Business Cards through an internet address and a QR code.

Our Users can create Business Cards for themselves, their companies and employees.

How are Business Cards shared?
The clients of our Users have the possibility of downloading and installing Business Cards in a language selected by them by clicking a link or scanning a QR code.

It should be stressed that people downloading Business Cards do not need to create an Account or install any software.

Is it necessary to install additional applications to install Business Cards?
No. Bonder uses the existing format of the business card file which is recognised by both older and newer phones, tablets and computers.
What are examples of using the Bonder Business Card?
Printout of a QR code on a business card or a leaflet, adding a link and a QR code to the e-mail footer or website.

In a few seconds, your clients will download from their desk or screen the full Business Card created by you enriched with a professional profile photo and keywords.

What are keywords?
The address book in the majority of modern mobile devices works as a simplified search engine.

If I add the words "photographer, Italy" to my Business Card, my clients will find my contact in their phones by entering those words in their address book.

What is the biggest advantage of the Bonder Business Card?
The possibility of carefully creating your image directly on clients' devices.
What is the Notification Service?
Clients who download Business Cards can subscribe to them.

After editing a Business Card and introducing changes in it, we can send a notification to our subscribers about the necessity of downloading our Business Card again and updating it.

How many Business Cards can I have?
Within the Personal Account, Bonder enables creating three Business Cards: Professional, CV and Custom.

The Business Account is one Profile. Please note that the Business Account is different from the other ones because despite physically creating one Business Card and one QR code, you can specify different contact details in each language version. The Business Card address plays the role of a company umbrella under which more than 60 people can hide.

The Enterprise Account enables creating up to 500 Profiles.

Are there any hidden fees?
Not with Bonder. We have transparent rules of providing services and transparent prices.
Do you use tracking cookies or User profiling?
No. This is contrary to our philosophy of doing business. Our product is constituted by Business Cards, not our Users or their clients.
Are or will there be advertisements added to Business Cards?
No. Our users create their image individually and we do not interfere in that by adding advertisements.
What is Bonder's attitude towards the privacy of Users?
Bonder does not sell or share the stored data of its Users to third parties or entities.
Is it difficult to delete an Account?
We do not make it difficult for our Users to delete their Accounts, however, we do not refund the paid fees for the unused period.
Can I try your Services without Registering?
Of course. And you can do it for free. We do not require a credit card number, an e-mail address or a phone number.

We prepared three Demo Panels which can be tried - Personal, Business and Enterprise and the same number of Demo Business Cards.

Try them out. Do you like them? We encourage you to Register. We offer all Services for free during the Trial Period.