Bonder is the service of creating and sharing Business Cards through a web address and a QR code

Add full contact details, profile photo and keywords.
Share your Business Card using the website address or QR code.

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Create your Business Card in more than 60 languages

Your clients and recruiters will select a language themselves when downloading your Business Card.


Add your profile photo

With Bonder, it is you who decides how your clients and recruiters see you on their devices.


Add your keywords

Your clients and recruiters can use keywords to find your contact in their phones.

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Your clients do not need any application or Account to download and import your Business Card.

  • Send Notifications

    Change your contact details and inform your clients and recruiters about that to keep in touch.
  • Add location

    Add the address of your office or premises to the Business Card so that your clients can have your location always around.
  • Flexible management

    Enable and disable Business Cards any time you need.
  • Universal format

    The vCard format is compatible with the software on mobile devices and PCs.
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